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Crane Lift Portable Toilets

It’s 7 AM and your crane operator has lowered the crane lift toilets off the top of your building down to the ground level for cleaning.  BUT your portable toilet company is NEVER there on time and sometimes they don’t even show up at all. So frustrating. Such a waste of time. Such a waste of money.  Our Green Latrine clients are guaranteed our truck will be there exactly when you schedule us.

Specialty Rolling Elevator Toilets

You are building a 30 plus story building in Downtown Seattle and there is 1 small access point for all deliveries in and out of your site. This alley and loading dock has to be clear at all times for deliveries. So when you tell the portable toilet company that they can ONLY block that alley from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM on Monday on Wednesday they better be there.  You are pretty frustrated when they come in the middle of the day, park their big portable toilet service truck in your tight space, and prevent all other critical deliveries of building material to your construction site. Not acceptable! We took over at this site in Downtown Seattle and for 204 consecutive scheduled cleanings, we were 100% there exactly when we were supposed to. We never blocked the loading dock, we kept the alley clear and now we have a Green Latrine client for life.

Highway Construction Toilets

We took over from one of the huge portable toilet companies on a mega freeway building project:

This job site is tricky, 37 different portable toilets spread across miles of freeway construction. Green Latrine’s committed and long-serving staff will make a real difference for you.  Our service experts know exactly where these 37 different toilets are located and three times a week we have a 100% success rate in cleaning all 37 of them.  The portable toilet industry has very high staff turnover.  Meaning you can get a new driver every week who is unfamiliar with your site. They don’t know where all your toilets are so some of your toilets get skipped and aren’t cleaned. Nasty and frustrating. Our team of dedicated Green Latrine service experts is the best tenured in the industry. Our employee turnover is almost nonexistent.  We take care of our staff so they can serve you.

Temporary Waste Holding Tanks

Portable waste holding tanks are easy for us to pump and service. We pump both black water tanks and gray water tanks. If you need to rent a waste tank we can rent you one. Or we can pump a waste tank you own.  We have portable waste holding tanks! We will deliver, pickup, and service your waste tank on schedule, every time. Our waste holding tanks are ultra heavy-duty plastic and come in two sizes:

  • 250 gallons
  • 350 gallons

We can also set up a regular schedule for repeat pumping if your site requires regular service. Our scheduling can be flexible to accommodate the needs of your specific site and fluctuations your site may experience in usage. These waste holding tanks can be used in a number of different ways. The waste tank can store waste from your RV, be used at a temporary job site trailer, food waste, or any other location where you need to temporarily store sewer waste or gray water.  

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