Best Porta Potty Placement

Real simply: the location nearest to where our truck can safely park makes for the best porta potty placement.

As you think about where you want to place your Green Latrine please remember that the truck we deliver your toilet with is a big truck. Additionally please consider the size and weight of the actual toilet itself. Then don’t forget the toilet is full of liquid. Liquid that can splash and slosh around when the porta potty is moved. Liquid you probably don’t want spilled! The best portable toilet placement balances a number of different factors. Among the factors you need to consider for best porta potty placement are:

Close to Paved Road Surface

No more than 20 feet away from where we can safely park our big truck. The position closest to where our truck can safely park makes the best porta potty placement.

Green Latrine best porta potty in Seattle

Garbage Truck Rule

If the garbage truck doesn’t go there neither should we. Put your porta potty near where you would set out your trash cans and recycling bins for garbage truck pickup. Our portable toilet service trucks and our pickup and delivery trucks are big, tall, long, wide and heavy – just like garbage trucks. So please consider safety as it is a core value of Green Latrine as you place your porta potty as near as possible to where a garbage truck would be able to get in and get out.

No Stairs

This one is fairly simple: no stairs. Really! No stairs. Unfortunately it just isn’t safe to move a portable toilet up or down stairs, even just 1 step. In addition to the size (over 8 feet tall) and the weight (over 200 pounds empty) liquid waste is heavy and when the liquid waste sloshes around in the waste tank it makes for a very dangerous situation to be moved up or down stairs. If the liquid waste in the tank shifts, the weight of that liquid will greatly unbalance the toilet, likely causing the entire porta potty to fall back down the stairs. A very dangerous situation. Plus we don’t want to spill that blue liquid! So keep it super simple and just don’t consider a location for your portable toilet that requires moving it up or down any stairs.

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Can I Move My Porta Potty?

They are called “portable” toilets but let’s not take that too literally! Yes, it’s kind of true that we can move a portable toilet, but it’s not really true. Empty, a standard Green Latrine weight just over 200 pounds and is over 8 feet tall. Then add liquid and think about that weight – it’s real heavy. When they are empty (not yet used, not yet full of “waste”) they are much easier to push or pull over firm, flat surfaces – but once a toilet gets used – filled – the added liquid is really heavy. And then when it is full it’s impossible, unsanitary and unsafe to move. Don’t want that to spill.

Using a Dolly, Hand-Truck or Wheels to Relocate

Our pickup/delivery drivers typically have a small hand-truck with wheels that that can use to move a porta potty a very short distance. That distance can NOT be more than 20 feet. And those 20 feet must be over a firm, smooth, flat surface. Because of the large dimensions and over 200 pound weight of the standard portable toilet balancing a porta potty on wheels is not easy. And on a soft surface like grass or going through thick gravel is really not possible. And even if our team can get it into a location how are we going to get it out once it’s full? A full porta potty is really heavy, too heavy to move. And even worse? What if while moving the full toilet it accidentally tips over? Spilling and leaking the contents of the waste tank onto the ground? Nasty. We all can do without that!!!

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Unobstructed Access

Our pump hose is very large,  very thick and it’s made of abrasive material that can and does scrape, scratch and damage property. The space between where our truck can park and your toilet placement has to be clear, no obstacles and no more than 20 feet. Unobstructed access is critical for delivery, service/cleaning and pickup.

Flat, Level, Solid Surface

Soft surfaces, uneven, sloped or slanted surfaces make for dangerous placements for your portable toilet. Seattle area terrain can be hilly and in wet weather muddy and slippery. Especially not possible: stairs. No moving a Green Latrine up or down stairs. Safety is a core value of Green Latrine. We strongly encourage all of our clients to use safety as the number one portable toilet placement consideration when selecting a site for your Green Latrine porta potty.

Placement of Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potties

Especially if you are renting a wheelchair accessible or an ADA Porta Potty or if you have anybody with a disability or mobility issue you must place your wheelchair accessible toilet on flat smooth paved ground. No cracked pavement, no slanted or sloping concrete and certainly not near any trip hazards. Safety of wheelchair users is beyond critical when dealing with the placement of wheelchair accessible portable toilets. Please use the utmost caution and consideration when choosing a suitable location.

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Experienced, Professional Green Latrine Team

Safety is number one. We deliver portable toilets all day, everyday all across Western Washington and around the Puget Sound Region in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties. Our delivery drivers have all been with us for years, they do this for a living, and they understand the importance of safety when delivering a portable toilet to our clients. Please let us help you determine the appropriate solution for placing a porta potty at your location.

Serving the Greater Seattle Area

Green Latrine is proud to be a Seattle owned and operated business. We are also proudly only a portable toilet and luxury restroom company. We know our stuff and we focus on doing a really good job delivering on your expectations. Our experience and expertise is unmatched in the Puget Sound area. We serve King, Pierce and Snohomish counties including the great Seattle area as well as Bellevue to the east, Tacoma to the south and Everett to the north. For luxury restroom trailer rentals we are able to stretch our service area to include Island, Skagit and Thurston Counties as well as beautiful Vashon Island in King County.

Please give us a call today and our local team of experts will help you anytime between 7:30am and 5pm Monday through Friday.

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