Camping can be one of the most relaxing, fun, spontaneous, grounding, and recharging, activities available to the human species. It allows a reconnection with nature in a world otherwise shrouded in technology and can work wonders to relieve stress and tension. That is, of course, if you know what to bring and are prepared for whatever challenges the wildness might throw your way. One of the most underrated aspects of the camping experience is where to go to the bathroom.

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If you aren’t one of those hardcore campers that prefer going out in nature with nothing but a single roll of toilet paper (I’ve even heard horror stories involving pinecones and bundles of grass and leaves), then you probably prefer a portable camping toilet. The main difference between a conventional toilet and a portable toilet is that while a portable toilet flushes and carries the waste away after use, instead of transporting the excrement down and into a sewer drain, it is instead carried to a holding tank underneath.

Eco-Friendly Camping Toilet Chemicals 

This difference is key to what The Green Latrine and other portable restroom companies provide their customers. 

Most portable toilets use a certain combination and mixture of chemicals containing dyes, biocides, fragrances, and surfactants. This mixture of chemicals all works together to reduce the odor emitted from human waste, as well as make the cleaner’s job easier and more efficient. In the portable toilets of old, a simple mixture of formaldehyde was used in most restrooms. 

However, it has since been discovered that this toxic chemical tends to cause more ecological as well as human harm than previously intended. Toxic portable toilet cleaning chemical compounds, such as formaldehyde, while extremely effective at neutralizing odors and overall cleaning efficiency, can cause irritations and create a toxic and harmful environment for those present during the cleaning process.   

These days, most companies have realized how harmful using the chemicals of the past has been and have worked diligently to produce greener and more health-friendly alternatives that have been proven to be much more effective in terms of safety and ease of cleanliness. 

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And nobody understands this balance, relationship, and train of thought of eco-conscious healthy thinking and implementation more than those looking to relax and enjoy nature. That’s what Green Latrine provides its customers, an eco-friendly way of thinking about the portable toilet industry. 

They use the abundant supply of fresh, Seattle rainwater in all their holding tanks, and eco-friendly deodorizers to kill those nasty smells, stock their restrooms with high-quality, 100% recycled toilet paper, and transport all of their products and services with a fleet of low-emission vehicles. That way, no matter where you may find yourself when nature calls, you must have a plan, and the folks at Green Latrine, based out of Seattle, Washington, offer just that.

The Green Latrine Team is a family-owned, eco-friendly, and conscious, portable toilet company that offers first-rate:

They service all sorts of events, such as construction jobs, concerts, weddings, and any large- or small-scale event, both big and small. 

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