Our Seattle roots run deep. Our family is a 6th generation Washington State family. We arrived in Seattle in the 1970s and we just haven’t left! We know Seattle, we love Seattle, and we are proud to serve all of Seattle.

Family-Owned Local Seattle Business

Being a local business sets us apart in the portable sanitation industry. Dominated by huge corporations being a Seattle-owned local business makes us unique and drives us to continue leading the Seattle area portable toilet industry through community engagement and environmental stewardship.

We are proud to be Seattle’s best toilet. Green Latrine specializes in delivering portable sanitation and luxury restroom trailers to three unique industries. We are the best in Seattle for a reason. Our service combined with our expertise propels us to the top of the local Seattle market.

Our three areas of Seattle portable toilet service are:

  • Special Events and Weddings
  • Residential Construction
  • Commercial Construction

Events, Festivals, and Weddings

Special Event and Wedding Toilets offering three tiers of high-quality portable sanitation options:


Our good option is a standard event rental porta potty. These units are brand new portable toilets that are sparkling clean, providing a first-rate toilet for any bride or event attendee. Our event rental portable toilets also include hand sanitizer and three large, oversized rolls of toilet paper. Guaranteeing you and your guests never use the last square of TP!


Unique to the Seattle area we rent flushing portable toilets that are a great option for weddings and any other one-day event that requires an upgraded or enhanced portable restroom experience. Our flushing port-a-potties conceals the waste tank and provides a foot pump flush flushing mechanism and a toilet bowl much like a standard toilet. If you are having a wedding or special event in Seattle and want an option that is nicer than our standard event rental toilet – but not as expensive as the luxury restroom trailer – these flushing porta potties are a great middle of the road option. Our wedding and event planners who have rented these have found them to be a great value for an enhanced portable bathroom experience.

Large Size ADA Toilet

Another better portable toilet option popular with brides and event planners is our larger size handicap toilets. These oversized portable toilets are about twice the size of a standard porta potty. They offer guests much more interior space. Very convenient for any events where you will have children who can easily go into these bathrooms with their parents. They are also great to be used as a changing area if you need to be able to change your clothes at your event.  The added space afforded by the ADA portable toilet makes for a great place to change clothes or even change diapers.

Best Portable Bathroom Option in Seattle

When you need a bathroom that is just as nice if not nicer than your bathroom at home our best portable sanitation option is a luxury restroom trailer. Our green latrine fleet of portable luxury restroom trailers is the cleanest, newest fleet of bathroom trailers in the greater Seattle area.

Serving Western Washington and the Puget Sound

We are super proud of the service we deliver to events and weddings all around Puget Sound including delivering our restroom trailers to:

  • San Juan Islands
  • Whidbey Island
  • Bainbridge Island
  • Vashon Island

Features of our luxury restroom trailers

Our luxury bathroom trailers come standard with flushing toilets, hot water, heat and air conditioning, stereo speakers to play the radio or play music from your iPhone, well decorated modern bathroom compartments with locking doors, and are fully stocked with bathroom products and supplies. These truly are the best bathrooms in Seattle. We are very fortunate to get to work with many of our region’s best wedding and event venues, wineries, farms, catering companies, and corporate events.

Green Latrine is proud to serve residential contractors and homeowners all over Seattle in every neighborhood and on every street.

Residential construction portable toilets include toilets for:

  • sewer emergencies
  • landscaping projects
  • remodeling projects
  • roofing projects
  • house painting

any other home-based project that would require jobsite sanitation for workers, contractors, and subcontractors working in private homes and residential neighborhoods in Seattle as well as all of King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties.

Green Latrine Luxury Portable Restrooms Trailers

High-Quality Seattle-based home builders and contractors favor Green Latrine

There is no guarantee how quickly a home renovation or remodel will take so you better have the best Seattle toilet at your residential job site. We are proud to have portable toilets all across Seattle in every neighborhood and on every street. We understand the frustration and at times stress a home building project can cause and the last thing we want to do is contribute any level of unnecessary stress to a residential job site. Our team of service experts knows how to maneuver tight Seattle alleys and steep Seattle hillsides to pump and clean our Green Latrine portable toilets. Every Seattle neighborhood poses unique challenges for placement of a job site porta-potty and access for our Green Latrine portable toilet pump trucks. Steep hillsides in Queen Anne and Magnolia, busy Ballard streets, tight Capitol Hill alleys, challenging driveways accessing homes on Lake Washington, accessing gated neighborhoods like Broadmoor and the Highlands or West Seattle Bridge traffic we have seen it all and can do it all when it comes to providing Seattle homeowners and Seattle contractors with residential portable toilet service. Green Latrine is proud to be Seattle’s best portable toilet!

Commercial Construction in Seattle

There is a lot of big construction in Seattle right now Green Latrine is proud to support the commercial construction industry by providing the most reliable jobsite service in Seattle. Our service experts show up when they’re supposed to show up and we clean your toilet like it’s brand new.

Highway Construction

If you have driven across the 520-floating bridge from Seattle to Bellevue, you have seen our Green Latrines at work. We have toilets are several large highway building projects in the greater Seattle area. We also are fortunate to work for several local paving companies. For highway construction and paving, we have single portable toilets mounted on a small trailer that you can pull with your own vehicle and relocate from site to site as your work crews move. The single trailer-mounted toilets are a fantastic option for work crews that are always on the move or on job sites that are very large and constantly changing. Highway construction require the portable toilet to be moved frequently and our trailer mounted toilet is the best option