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High Rise Toilet Specifications

Our high rise portable toilet is purpose-built for the demanding needs of the high-rise construction market. With its unique features, it offers an unparalleled experience for both users and operators.

Equipped with a sliding mechanism, the Highrise can be lowered to fit through standard door openings, ensuring easy accessibility. For added privacy, the urinal is cleverly placed inside the restroom. Despite its spacious interior, the Highrise is incredibly maneuverable, with dimensions of just 33.5 inches wide and 78.2 inches high when equipped with the optional roof.

Crafted with reliability in mind, the Highrise features sealed casters to prevent freeze-up and a galvanized metal frame and floor, safeguarding against damage during lifting and handling.

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High Rise Toilet Dimensions

Highrise Specifications

  • Height: 78” (1981 mm)
  • Width: 31.2” (792 mm)
  • Depth: 53” (1346 mm)
  • Tank Volume: 38 gal. (144L)
  • Weight: 257 lbs. (116 kg) — 307 lbs. (139 kg) (standard to full-feature unit.)

Exterior w/Roof

  • Height: 87.8” (2230 mm)
  • Width: 33.5” (851 mm)
  • Depth: 54” (1372 mm)
showing the inside of the construction toilet

What is Included With The High Rise Portable Toilets?

Regular Maintenance: Our high-rise units receive scheduled servicing to ensure cleanliness and functionality. Our experienced team will clean, sanitize, and restock the restrooms, giving you peace of mind and a hygienic environment throughout your project.

Hand Sanitizer: Your safety and the well-being of your employees are our top priorities. That’s why our high-rise portable toilets include complimentary hand sanitizer, promoting good hygiene practices and providing an extra layer of protection for everyone on site.

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birds eye view showing the inside of the high rise toilet

Toilet Upgrades and Other Services we Offer

Our standard restrooms offer comfort and hygiene for all. Ladies, we’ve got you covered with dedicated restrooms just for you. For elevated areas, our crane lift toilets rise above the rest, delivering convenience to new heights. Looking for mobility? Our trailer-mounted units bring sanitation on the go. And for the adventurous souls in RVs, our RV pumping ensures a clean and pleasant journey. From standard to specialized, we’re passionate about providing premium toilet solutions. Experience cleanliness, comfort, and convenience today.

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Who Requires a High Rise Toilet?

Construction sites require reliable restroom facilities, and the Highrise portable toilets deliver just that. They provide convenient access to sanitation services right on the job site, saving time and boosting productivity. The privacy features of these units ensure workers have a comfortable and discreet space to attend to their needs, promoting better hygiene practices.

With their compact design, Highrise portable toilets can navigate through tight spaces, making them ideal for construction sites where available area may be limited. Their durability enables them to withstand the demanding conditions found on construction sites.

inside view of the green latrine portable toilet

Where Should You Place the High Rise Portable Toilets?

When placing high rise portable toilets, prioritize accessibility and proximity to the work area. Ensure compliance with regulations, consider user privacy, and choose level ground for stability. Opt for well-lit areas and weather protection if possible.

Drop Off Instructions

We prioritize your convenience for drop-off. Our team coordinates with you to find the best location. We consider accessibility and your preferences. Our team will set up the portable toilets for easy access. Contact us at 206-397-0336 to discuss your requirements.

Moving or Relocating the High Rise Toilet

Our high-rise crane lift toilets are designed with mobility in mind. Equipped with attached wheels, these portable units can be easily moved and positioned wherever you need them on your construction site.

Can The High Rise Portable Toilets be Easily Transported to Higher Floors?

Yes, our high rise portable toilets can be easily transported to higher floors. With their built-in wheels, they can be moved anywhere on your construction site or building that has cleared access.

Servicing The High Rise Portable Restroom

Our dedicated team will conveniently reach your high-rise location, ensuring that your high-rise unit is impeccably clean, fresh, and stocked with all the essential supplies. Rest assured, we handle every aspect of maintenance, including thorough cleaning, sanitization, and replenishing necessities like toilet paper and soap. With our comprehensive service, you can trust us to take care of all the essential details for your high-rise portable toilet.

Amount of UseFrequency of servicing (per week)
LightEvery other week
Regular (standard use)1x/week
Very High3x/week

Servicing Schedule For High Rise Toilets

For high-rise construction projects, our standard servicing includes once a week. Additional servicing is available upon request. Contact us HERE to discuss your specific needs and ensure cleanliness and functionality throughout your project.

How Do We Service The High Rise Toilets

During the servicing process, please note that someone on-site will need to transport the unit to the designated pumping location using our provided truck. Our team will guide you through the simple steps to ensure a smooth and efficient servicing experience.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a High Rise Porta Potty?

Choose from our range of portable restrooms for high-rise settings to meet your budget. Prices are based on factors like toilet type, quantity ordered, delivery distance, and seasonal demand.

We understand the unique nature of each high-rise project, offering a variety of restrooms to suit your specific needs.

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Do We Have High Rise Toilets Near You?

For construction sites and events in King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties, Green Latrine offers toilets. Whether you’re engaged in a construction project in Seattle or hosting an event in Bellevue, Tacoma, or Everett, our toilets are the ideal option.

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Why Customers Keep on Coming Back to Green Latrine

Local family owned business: Our family has deep roots in Seattle, witnessing everything from challenging floods to sunny days. Now, our mission is to ensure that your guests have access to exceptional toilets, leaving a positive impression on your event or site.

Sustainability: We prioritize the environment by utilizing recycled paper for our toilet paper, actively contributing to tree conservation. Moreover, our commitment to avoiding formaldehyde ensures that our toilets remain free from chemical odors. We make eco-conscious decisions such as using low-emission vehicles, striving to protect the environment every step of the way.

Optional Insurance: Protect your investment with our comprehensive damage insurance program. We understand accidents happen, which is why we offer coverage to keep your portable toilets safe. With our insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that any unexpected damages will be taken care of.

Highest rated in Seattle: We proudly hold the title of the best portable toilet company in Seattle. Event planners and construction workers vouch for the exceptional quality of our facilities, and we are confident that you will be equally happy. Join our countless happy customers who have entrusted us to provide them with premium portable toilets.

Experienced staff: They have encountered and resolved various challenges, ensuring that your event or construction project proceeds seamlessly. Punctuality and reliability are our hallmarks, guaranteeing that your toilets will be delivered on time while receiving friendly service.

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