Luxury Portable Restrooms Trailers

We are pleased to provide Luxury Portable Restrooms Trailers and specialty trailer solutions that are clean, sanitary, and inviting. We will provide you with a trailer that offers beauty and comfort that you are proud to share with your friends, family, and guests.

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The 2 and 3 stall luxury toilets being used for an event in seattle.

Luxury Portable Restrooms Trailers

Every single detail right down to the bathroom needs to be perfect. When hospitality and comfort are paramount, Green Latrine restroom and shower trailers provide all the amenities of the home. Guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Since our bathroom trailers can be easily configured for leisurely uses like temporary bathrooms or more serious long-term applications, Green Latrine has quickly built a reputation of exceeding expectations and total service dependability.

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Mobile Luxury Portable Restrooms Trailers

Green Latrine restroom trailers range from petite two-stall trailers for small gatherings to impressive multi-stall trailers for larger venues – the choice is yours.

Mobile Shower Trailers

Green Latrine shower trailers can be used as a temporary locker room or more serious uses like if your plumbing needs to be replaced and you’re out of a shower.

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Accessibility – Handicap Restrooms Trailers

Green Latrine ADA restroom trailers are not just handicap accessible, but ADA compliant, meeting or exceeding the permanent structure criteria as specified by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

We are a local company in Western WA specializing in supporting local weddings and events with the highest quality restroom trailers. There are only a few luxury restroom trailer rental companies in our area and Green Latrine is the only LOCAL Seattle company. Please do your research and let us give you a quote.  How does it benefit you to work with Green Latrine? That benefits you by ensuring we have the exact right-sized trailer available when and where you need it. Obviously, there are peak weekends in our short Seattle summer that we will sell out…so please be sure to call us to book as soon as your date is set. We want to make sure you get what you need!

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Green Latrine’s luxury portable restroom trailers and specialty trailers are always used at the premiere special events in Western WA. We also have a fleet of trailers available for job sites across Western WA.

There are many different types of outdoor events that demand an exceptional restroom solution. With Green Latrine portable restroom trailers, using the facilities is comparable to going to the restroom in a fancy hotel. Our restrooms don’t look or feel like portable restrooms. They are spacious, exceptionally well decorated, and designed to make your guests feel right at home. In fact, we are often told our restrooms are cleaner than people’s restrooms at home :-)

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Core Values

  • Our luxury portable restroom trailers range in many sizes.
  • Most of our units have a stall count of 2 or 3 however we have specialty units that fit other needs if our traditional trailer doesn’t fit your needs give us a call and we can discuss all your options.
  • We have trailers in use across all of Western WA.
  • Innovation is kept front and center.  Each year we purchase the newest trailers with the newest features and materials.  Give us a call so we can see which of our vast selections of available options fits your special event.
  • You can choose from our large selection of standard layouts, or request a trailer unique to your needs.
  • Green Latrine has been providing luxury restrooms, showers, and specialty trailers to the Seattle area and now all of Western Washington since 2015.  We remain family-owned with our owners involved with the day-to-day operations so you can be sure you will be well treated by all of us at Green Latrine.
  • All our experience has taught us to purchase the newest, most efficient trailers with our customers in mind when it comes to servicing, cleaning, and maintaining our trailers.
  • We are proud to say our trailers are “Made in America” and source all of our supplies from American Manufacturers.
  • When we rent you a trailer, we start with a solid understanding of weddings and events and build from our experience in customizing your event.
  • Our restroom trailers are sanitized with EPA-approved cleaning products that eliminate all emerging pathogens, including the COVID-19 virus.
  • Our trailer waste tanks are sanitized after each rental to eliminate any buildup of odor. We have the best smelling bathrooms around. We use our Green Latrine enzyme biocide to keep our trailers and their waste tanks smelling really clean. Promise, no smell.
  • All our trailers are built with a commitment to quality that will ensure our products and our reputation will last.

Thank you for your interest in Green Latrine. Please get in touch for any questions or comments you may have – we look forward to serving you!

Our service, our dedicated people, and our trailers are Exceptional

  • Our luxury portable restrooms trailers, shower trailers, and specialty trailers are great for weddings, concerts, sporting events, construction projects, and anywhere else temporary facilities are needed.
  • Our hands-free fixtures help to keep the rooms clean and sanitary.
  • Our mobile restrooms provide all the luxuries of home with features that include flushing toilets, urinals, sinks, mirrors, linoleum floors, and are equipped with A/C, heat, and ventilation as standard features. Our shower trailers come with powered ventilation as standard.
  • Our accessible restrooms are designed to meet all guidelines on handicap accessibility. These larger restrooms have a second use as a family access room for changing diapers or assisting a child in private.
  • We Specialize in Custom and can work with you to provide the trailer unique to your needs.