Green Latrine will save you time, money, and a ton of frustration.

Crane Lift Portable Toilets

It’s 7 AM and your crane operator has lowered the crane lift toilets off the top of your building down to the ground level for cleaning.  BUT your portable toilet company is NEVER there on time and sometimes they don’t even show up at all. So frustrating. Such a waste of time. Such a waste of money.  Our Green Latrine commercial construction clients are guaranteed our truck will be there exactly when you schedule us.

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Specialty Rolling Elevator Toilets

You are building a 30 plus story building in Downtown Seattle and there is 1 small access point for all deliveries in and out of your site. This alley and loading dock has to be clear at all times for deliveries. So when you tell the portable toilet company that they can ONLY block that alley from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM on Monday on Wednesday they better be there.  You are pretty frustrated when they come in the middle of the day, park their big portable toilet service truck in your tight space, and prevent all other critical deliveries of building material to your commercial construction site. Not acceptable! We took over at this site in Downtown Seattle and for 204 consecutive scheduled cleanings, we were 100% there exactly when we were supposed to. We never blocked the loading dock, we kept the alley clear and now we have a Green Latrine client for life.

Highway Construction Toilets

We took over from one of the huge portable toilet companies on a mega freeway building project:

This job site is tricky, with 37 different portable toilets spread across miles of freeway construction. Green Latrine’s committed and long-serving staff will make a real difference for you.  Our service experts know exactly where these 37 different toilets are located and three times a week we have a 100% success rate in cleaning all 37 of them.  The portable toilet industry has very high staff turnover.  Meaning you can get a new driver every week who is unfamiliar with your site. They don’t know where all your toilets are so some of your toilets get skipped and aren’t cleaned. Nasty and frustrating. Our team of dedicated Green Latrine service experts is the best tenured in the industry. Our employee turnover is almost nonexistent.  We take care of our staff so they can serve you.

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Experts at Accessing Locked Gates

Your site has locked gates and you give your key to your portable toilet company. But the key gets lost or next week a completely different driver comes to your site and has no idea how to unlock your locked gate.  Because locked gates are tricky your toilets don’t get clean.  At Green Latrine we pride ourselves in taking the time to create systems that ensure we will have the ability to access your site. We also instruct our service experts to take a little extra patience to your job site. We know the larger the build the more logistics we have to work through with you to ensure we clean every toilet you expect us to clean. 

Three Oversized Rolls of TP

Anything worse than running out of TP at a job site toilet? Typical rolls of TP are 500 or 1,000 sheets. That’s fine for your bathroom at home BUT that won’t cut it on a job site. We special order custom 2,400 sheet rolls of toilet paper to ensure there is always toilet paper in your Green Latrine. Our toilet paper is also proudly made in the USA using recycled paper. 

Large-Scale Commerical Construction Jobsite Portable Sanitation.

Green Latrine has the happiest construction clients in Seattle. Our portable toilet industry has some super huge national corporate behemoths attempting to provide portable toilets to job sites. Unfortunately, they typically forget the service and instead deliver frustration and disenchantment as their norm.  When we talk to site supervisors and construction managers about their job site portable toilets we ask them to compare their experience with Green Latrine vs. the big national brands. Everyone we talk to on construction sites in Seattle tells us the same thing; working with Green Latrine is as different as night and day. 

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Our Commercial Construction Inventory – Specialty Products

What makes Green Latrine different for Commerical Construction:

Fewer Driver Services Per Day

Each of our expert Road Warriors typically cleans about 50 FEWER toilets PER DAY than an equivalent employee of the large national brands. 50 fewer toilets is a HUGE benefit to you. That means the person servicing your toilet is far less likely to be completely burned out. Because we don’t push our crew to the max our expert technician will give your toilet the attention you deserve. We have talked to drivers for other companies who routinely clean over 100 toilets per day. You know that nobody can successfully put in the care to clean over 100 portable toilets in one day.

Born in Seattle – We are Seattle!

As a Local, Seattle, Family Business – we know the difference between Ballard and Bothel. We know Madison Park, Lake Forest Park, and Normandy Park. We can pronounce Puyallup. We can tell you which mountains are the Olympics and which ones are the Cascades. We know when Seafair is and we love the Seahawks, Sounders, Storm and feel sorry for the Mariners. Being local, knowing Seattle, understanding local traffic, local geography, and typical Seattle weather is a real advantage to you!

Newest Equipment

You will get the newest portable toilets. You know there are some pretty old, nasty, beat-up portable toilets out there. BUT NOT in our fleet. Green Latrine is proud to maintain the absolute newest fleet of portable toilets in the Seattle area. Our toilets are newer, cleaner, better. We commit to maintaining our portable toilets and ensuring the cleanest, newest portable toilets in Seattle. 

Precision Schedule Guarantee

Green Latrine has built our reputation on precision.  We will be there exactly when we agree to be there. This can save you so much money. If your site has tight access you can’t afford to have a portable toilet truck blocking your site access. If you require a specific cleaning time then count on us. You will be so impressed with our 100% perfection in being there exactly when you schedule us to be there.

Examples of our work on large scale Seattle area commercial construction:

The construction company was frustrated big time by their big national toilet company.  On a 30 plus story highrise build in downtown Seattle, we took over for one of the large national brands in December 2018. Since December of 2018, we have been on-time 100% of the time. That’s 208 consecutive arrivals before 7 AM on Monday and Wednesday. The crane lift units and the rolling elevator units are serviced exactly when we are told they must be serviced.  Our pump truck is clear of the loading area before 7 AM so the important deliveries can occur without a portable toilet truck blocking the small area.

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We have Crane lift kits that help you have the Porta-Potty where you need it in your commercial construction site. Ask about it when you call and we can get you the best setup for your worksite.

Our toilets are newer, cleaner, better. We commit to maintaining our portable toilets and ensuring the cleanest, newest portable toilets in Seattle. 

Keeping You Safe

Our Seattle portable toilet company goes as far as to have a 10-point Green Clean cleaning process that includes EPA-approved cleaning products that eliminate all emerging pathogens and is performed each and every time we service a toilet.