VIP & Event Portable Restrooms in Seattle

A festival is a perfect opportunity for hundreds or even thousands of enthusiasts to gather and celebrate a particular interest. Whatever the type of event– golf tournaments, music, film, or street fairs and festivals, or corporate events — the gathering can have many attendees and often have food and alcohol involved. No matter the type of event or the size of the event, it is essential that you provide suitable restroom facilities for your attendees.

Green Latrine is a family-owned company that provides porta potties for events and festivals in Seattle. Our selection of standard and luxury portable toilets will meet and exceed the needs of any event, and our team is happy to recommend different types of portable toilets and handwashing stations for your event, as well as provide a recommendation on how many toilets your event will need.

Porta-Potties For Seattle Events

Green Latrine provides VIP and event porta-potty rentals in Seattle that are guaranteed to be clean and safe for the environment. Seattle is a city that puts on a huge amount of events, ranging from music and film festivals to industry-specific events, both indoor and outdoor. We provide multiple types of VIP, luxury, and standard portable toilets, as well as handwashing stations, and all of our toilets are environmentally friendly and sanitary.

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How You Know How Many Porta Potties You Will Need for your Seattle Event

One of the key elements of planning a successful event is estimating the correct amount of attendees and providing the right amount of toilets for these attendees. In the early stages of your event planning, you should contact a company that provides porta potty rentals for recommendations.

Think about how many guests there will be, whether food and alcohol will be served, and what kind of festival experience you are trying to provide. For instance, if you are providing a premium or VIP experience for certain attendees, consider our luxury trailer rentals. You will also want to be sure to include hand wash stations and ADA-compliant restrooms that have been designed to comply with the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

If you’re having trouble figuring out how many toilets you need, you can use our toilet estimator to get an idea, and we’ll get back to you with a price that’s up to date.

What to Expect – Our Process

When you work with Green Latrine for your portable toilet rentals at your events are using environmentally-friendly portable toilets. So how exactly do we remain environmentally friendly?

  • Rainwater Retention: Using our rainwater collection system, we are able to drastically reduce water consumption.
  • 100% Recycled Paper Products
  • Formaldehyde-Free Chemical Deodorizers
  • Low-Emission Fleet of Vehicles

Sanitization and Clean Up

When working with portable toilets for your event, proper sanitization is key. All of our porta potties undergo a 10-point Green Clean cleaning process that is performed each and every time we service a toilet:

  1. Delivered on time by our professional staff
  2. Place at the desired location on a flat surface
  3. Cleaned completely inside and out using disinfectants
  4. The holding tank is flushed with fresh water
  5. Anti-bacterial hand sanitizer is restocked
  6. Two rolls of toilet paper are stocked in the dispensers
  7. If requested, a chain is secured around the toilet
  8. If requested, the unit is locked and the lock code provided to the client.
  9. The unit will be serviced weekly unless a different servicing schedule is requested.
  10. Upon completion of your rental, your portable toilet will be picked up on time by our professional staff.

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Events We Have Supported in the Past:

Examples of our work on large scale Seattle area Events:

Special Olympics USA Games

This is the major event that put us on the map. With ESPN broadcasting, the Special Olympic USA games brought thousands of athletes and thousands of family members to Seattle from all 50 states. With so many people and so many events, these high-profile games took over the entire Seattle region. We had toilets at Sound Transit stations and athletic venues from Seattle to Federal Way. We provided close to 200 toilets and serviced each toilet every night for the multiple-week duration of the games. It was a huge job to clean that many toilets every night. We additional supplied about 50 specialty ADA portable toilets to ensure all individuals could access the restroom. We were proud to be an integral part of the Special Olympics USA Games!

Opening of the Highway 99 Tunnel and Closing of the Old Alaska Way Viaduct

Largest public event in Seattle history! We nailed it! 300 portable toilets. This mega-production cemented Green Latrine as the only Seattle portable toilet provider capable of serving this scale of an event. The 5K Run itself had just shy of 30,000 runners. Then we had to quickly pump about a hundred toilets after the run and before the general public was allowed in. The general public event brought in even more people to walk through the Highway 99 tunnel before it opened to car traffic on Monday morning. Our team spent two full days nonstop responding to the emergency needs of event organizers. We had our Green Latrine team in golf carts restocking toilet paper in the tunnel. The event drew so many more people than expected Seattle Police escorted one of our service trucks through the crowd and up onto the old viaduct for emergency cleanings. We had a forklift moving units into areas where more people were congregating than expected. We cleaned the 300 toilets three times during the two days. That’s 900 cleanings in 48 hours! Event staff had many special requests during the two days of the event and we gladly accommodated everything they needed including the last-minute addition of additional toilets. It was extremely rewarding to be a part of this historical and uniquely Seattle event.

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Outdoor Event? We Are The Pro’s

When it comes to planning a large outdoor event, one thing that can be easily overlooked is the portable toilet rental. At an event such as this, your guests are going to require a restroom and having portable restrooms that are clean, professionally installed, and delivered.

Efficient Deliveries

If your site has tight access times you can’t afford to have a portable toilet truck blocking your site access. We can bring in the units you need efficiently while maintaining our professionalisim.

Standard Green Latrine blue hand wash Unit has a two sinks that both have a foot pedal and soap dispensers

Portable Hand-wash Stations

Portable hand wash stations have become even more essential in today’s world. All of our hand wash stations include soap, paper towels, fresh water, and a greywater container.