Core to your success as a Seattle home remodeler or home builder is your ability to deliver unparalleled care and concern to demanding Seattle homeowners. Nobody wants a nasty portable toilet on the lawn of their high-end home in Medina, Magnolia, or Madison Park during a residential construction project. We get that. Our portable toilets are different. Just look at all the pictures on our website. Green Latrines blend very well into driveways and yards of Seattle area homes.  Your job site is far more professional and looks better with a Green Latrine.   

Our Residential Construction Inventory

  • Standard Portable Toilet for Residential Construction
  • Hand Wash Station
  • Hand Sanitizer Station
  • Standard Portable Toilet with Handwash Sink Built In
  • ADA Handicapped Portable Toilet
  • Temporary Fence Rental
  • Carpet Cleaning

Next Day Delivery

We always appreciate knowing in advance when you need a toilet delivered.  The more advanced warning you give us the better able we are to get you what you need.  BUT we also realize sometimes you forget. We do our best to accommodate last-minute portable toilet needs and do our best to always get you a toilet as soon as we can.

Pickup Promise

Get that toilet off my lawn! Once you finish your residential construction project we understand your client and their neighbors want their toilet gone ASAP. We hear all the time from our clients how grateful they are at the speed with which we are able to pick up a toilet once you are finished.  Call our office and we will schedule pick up for your toilet as quickly as we can. 

Newest Equipment means Better Looking Toilets

We have curb appeal. Our toilets are visually different from the big national portable toilet brands. Homeowners and their neighbors appreciate seeing a better-looking toilet in their front yard. You know there are some pretty old, nasty, beat-up portable toilets out there. NOT in our fleet. Green Latrine is proud to maintain the absolute newest fleet of portable toilets in the Seattle area. Before we deliver to your residential job site your toilet will be pressure washed and fully cleaned. Our toilets are newer, cleaner, better.

Fewer Driver Services Per Day

Each of our expert Road Warriors (what we call our service experts) typically cleans about 50 FEWER toilets PER DAY than an equivalent employee of the large national brands. 50 fewer toilets is a HUGE benefit to you. That means the person servicing your toilet is far less likely to be completely burned out. Because we don’t push our crew to the max our expert technician will give your toilet the attention you deserve. We have talked to drivers for other companies who routinely clean over 100 toilets per day. Nobody can successfully put in the care to clean over 100 portable toilets in one day.

We are Local – We are Seattle!

As a local Seattle family business – we know the difference between Ballard and Bothel. We know Madison Park, Lake Forest Park, and Normandy Park. We can pronounce Puyallup. We can tell you which mountains are the Olympics and which ones are the Cascades. We know when Seafair is and we love the Seahawks, Sounders, Storm and feel sorry for the Mariners. Being local, knowing Seattle, understanding local traffic, local geography, and typical Seattle weather is a real advantage to you! With the big corporate portable toilet companies, you get out-of-state call centers. No thanks! We are proudly Seattle!

Precision Schedule Guarantee

Green Latrine will be there exactly when we agree to be there. This can save you so much money. If your site has tight access you can’t afford to have a portable toilet truck blocking your site access. If you require a specific cleaning time then count on us. You will be so impressed with our 100% perfection in being there exactly when you schedule us to be there.

Professional Image

Green Latrines blend very well into driveways and yards of Seattle area homes for residential construction projects.  Your job site is far more professional and looks better with a Green Latrine.

Standard Green Latrine Unit

Unit Servicing and Accessories

Our units are fully stocked and sanitized porta-potties, we offer porta-potty servicing. Our porta potty professionals will work with your schedule to service the porta potties when you need them.

Keeping Everyone Safe

Our Seattle portable toilet company goes as far as to have a 10-point Green Clean cleaning process that includes EPA-approved cleaning products that eliminate all emerging pathogens and is performed each and every time we service a toilet.