Your big day has finally arrived! There are going to be outdoor festivities and the whole area is completely themed for your celebration. There’s only one eyesore, the wedding porta-potties. While they are necessary and functional, it’s not in the spirit to see a gleaming set of outdoor toilets in your wedding photos. So, what can be done?

Make The Seattle Porta-Potty Fit In

As the old saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them! Everyone knows the portal-potty area is there, so why not get it involved? There’s no reason you can’t use this as an opportunity to play up the service and classy up its purpose. Here are some fun ways to make these units part of the reception and not the quiet part we don’t mention.

Turn your porta-potty into a restroom

This one comes in handy for especially warm weather but is nice at any temperature. What you would want to do is turn the area dedicated to the portable toilets into space to sit down and take a breath. This will include putting a canopy over that area and placing a rug with chairs in front of the upscale porta-potties. A punch bowl would also be a nice addition. If you want to go the extra mile, you could invest in luxury restroom trailers.

Decorate the porta-potty like it’s part of the ceremony

First, what’s your theme? Are you working with a color scheme, whimsical props, or a country affair? Whatever palette you’re working with for everything else can extend this way. Add a removable front, put up fairy lights, or place furniture to give it a familiar look. Dress up the potty!

Make the porta-potty pull double duty

Whether in jest or not, use the surface area of the potties to give people a little direction. There might be a lot going on and a point in the right direction might be helpful to many attendees. Put road or map signs with words like ‘reception’ or ‘extra parking’ on the unit itself. That will not only add a pop of color but will be a bonus photo opp.

Smell Good Vibes Only

Depending on how many people are expected, you will want to keep things moving as smoothly and swiftly as possible, for multiple reasons. Let’s dive into a few ways to keep the units aired out and ready for business.

  • Separate Wash-up Basin. The idea here is to have a spot close to the potties where guests can walk over to use some hand sanitizer or even spritz a nice smell over them. You can also have an entire handwashing station, too.
  • Hire a Potty Attendant. Have one or a few people standing by in formal dress for guests when they come out. They will hand each person who exits a damp towel and a party favor. This will keep people from lingering inside. The attendant will do a quick look at the potty and give a refresher spray in preparation for the next occupant.
  • Keep it Zesty. Before the show starts, each toilet needs to have a nice and lightly fragrant spray to bring pleasantness to the experience. Beyond the spray, keeping things like grated lemon peels in corners and canisters for neutral deodorizer inside will help keep it up once everyone starts coming.

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